Teaching Years (1975-2005)

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During the 1994 -1995 school year, I kept a daily journal.  When I arrived home, I wrote in that journal about my school day before I did anything else. Fourteen years later, three years after I left teaching, I found the forgotten three-ring binder where I kept the journal. It was dusty and spiders had moved in. I cleaned it and sat down to relive that past and decided to turn it into a memoir called Crazy Normal.

Why Crazy Normal?  Because that's what it was like for thirty years, a crazy place pretending to be normal. Here are links to the rough draft for the prologue at Authors Den.


 Crazy Normal Prologue



The Rowland Heights Highlander is a weekly newspaper serving the Los Angeles, California area.  The newspaper has a weekly circulation of approximately 6,000.  It is owned by San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group. That's me in the picture with two of my former student editors.




My Splendid Concubine Home Page