“Impressions of Liu Sanjie"

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Seeing Zhang Yimou's 'Impressions of Liu Sanjie' was the highpoint for this trip to China.

This is a shot of the theater behind our seats as the audience arrived.

The majority of the audience were Chinese tourists. China now has the world's second largest economy and a growing middle class that will soon outnumber the entire population of the United States.



Zhang Yimou's extravaganza runs more than an hour and takes place at night.

The stage is the Li River. Mountains are the background. This outdoor theater is equal to or surpasses any found in the United States. There is a cast of six hundred that comes from the local area. They are not professional actors and actresses. Yimou, the director, wanted to provide a source of income for the local minority.




Most of the performance takes place on the river using bamboo rafts.



Look carefully to see the mountains in the background.
My camera did not capture the mountains as we saw them.

 Powerful lights lit the mountains during the entire performance.





These photos only give a hint of this amazing production. You have to be there to understand.






These young girls wore traditional costumes and sang songs from the minority that lives along the Li River.

Hundreds of voices sang together.






On the water, a dancer on a crescent moon. These shots give a better idea of the size of this river stage.



The moon, as you see, rocks back and forth as the dancer moves from one end to the other. Look in front of the moon and see one man on his bamboo raft.





This is a sample  of what was on that river stage. This is the same river you see on my photo page for Guilin.


I wonder if the main character in My Splendid Concubine, Robert Hart, cruised along this river. After all, he spent more than five decades in China. He was Inspector General of China's Maritime Customs Service. He worked for the Emperor, and he traveled China on inspections and setting up offices for the Customs Service.










Those lights you see in the background are hundreds of singing people in illuminated costumes. It looked as if they were walking on water. There was a walkway under the water's surface that could be lowered and raised since the bamboo rafts had been moving over that same area earlier.







The End


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